Wellness Warrior Coaching Program

Lifestyle wellness coaching is an action-centered partnership which empowers 
you to achieve peak performance results and your desired outcomes.
With hybrid coaching (online health coaching + an online personal training program)
I help you navigate the uncertainties, mindsets, emotionality, and physical disciplines of your
identity transformation from who you are to who you are destined to become: A Wellness Warrior and Champion!

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Dear Wellness Warrior,

The best professional  athletes in the world all have had coaches, not just for their sport, but for fitness, nutrition, mindset, and life.

As a coach, my role is to solve the aggravating problems of health and fitness for you in advance and create a clear pathway for you to win, anticipating the challenges and obstacles getting in the way of your results.

The moment you get started this program will be custom designed for you and your lifestyle. What makes online hybrid coaching different from generalized health coaching or one-on-one personal training face-to-face? Normally, the coach is the guide, and the personal trainer is the expert. The coach helps you resolve a course of action and measure feedback. The personal trainer gives you the how-to's.

Because I am BOTH coach and trainer, I am empowering you to master your health and fitness while coaching you to independently take control of it. That's the difference. Instead of giving you a fish (a workout). I'm teaching you to fish (creatively workout), so you have health and wellness for a lifetime.

Not only am I helping you fine-tune your vehicle (mind, body, & soul), I am providing you a Pathway To Power with battle-tested strategies and tactics from my 15 year experience in the health and fitness industry working in New York City and Miami's elite gyms such as Crunch, Equinox, Reebok Sports, and Fight Club.

What Exactly Is Mindset Conditioning, Behavioral Change, & Peak Performance Coaching, And Why Is It So Important For Our Health, Well-Being, And Lifestyle?


Even though Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are two of the best basketball players in history, they still had coaches like Phil Jackson. Your coach looks at the game from a high-level view. As a coach, my focus is on the overall game, all the moving parts, and patterns of success & fulfillment. When you are in the action of your busy personal and professional life, you don't always see the big picture. With coaching, you get a "time-out" to re-evaluate both from your perspective of what's happening in the game, and from proven strategies about winning the game.


Lifestyle Design & Time Management

You will receive customized coaching on all aspects of taking your vision, purpose, and plans and making them real. First by envisioning the exact dream life you want to live, and molding a health and fitness lifestyle, plan and schedule around that vision. This will be executed with A Results, Purpose, Massive Action Plan (Tony Robbins), combined with Getting Things Done (David Allen), and whichever tools you use for life management such as Evernote or Notion. I will help you create or re-create your morning routine and evening routine, as well as rituals that serve your highest performance. Most importantly, with check-ins, hold you accountable to your commitments.


Your Driving Force: 6 Human Needs

You will receive coaching on how your human needs drive your behavioral and activity choices. The Six Human Needs as defined by Tony Robbins are: Certainty (Comfort), Uncertainty (Variety), Significance, Love/Connection, Growth, and Contribution. You will condition yourself to use these primal human needs to work with you and not against you and to generate a sense of joy, happiness, freedom, excitement, and positive feelings about eating healthy, exercising, and working out.


Goal & Value Clarification - Realizing Your Ideal Body

We make sure your stated goals match your highest values, and that you have no blocks, dis-empowering beliefs, or conflicts internally. We will have check-ins once a week on to review your goals and re-enforce why they matter. You will Rate yourself in areas of our program of how we did for that week  i.e. 1.) Fitness 2.) Nutrition 3.) Mindset 4.) Habits 5.) Adherence (Rate 1- 5) within. We will then commit to a series of new actions to improve. The next week we will check and I will ask you how well you did, and repeat this process for the duration of your program.

Gaining Deep Fulfillment: The Path Of Meaning

We will use a process called The Meaning Maker, which is a proven framework to shift your total understanding of meanings in your life both good and bad, and how to form your own meaning out of all circumstances. It will start with your Body, your States, Filters, and Triggers, Your physiology, language, and focus. Then it will graduate to the typical Emotions you let fuel you the most, your Belief systems, and your Driving force human needs. Finally, we will look at stages of spiritual development and connect your Body's experience, with mental focus, emotional intelligence, and spiritual connection.


Developing Empowering Beliefs

We will identify limiting and disempowering beliefs to find out what you believe about your health, body, fitness and working out at a core level and the priority it has in your life. We will work to condition new empowering beliefs both subconsciously and consciously that equip you with a progressive winning mindset. Using Mantras that Navy Seal’s Use such as “Good Times!” “It's Good... no matter what happens!" "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday."


Identity & Character: Success Habit Forming

We will clearly identify the person you are before this program, and the person you are to become, and build your “Transformation From Within” at a core identity level, by consistently getting you to identify with the man or woman who has the habits that match your ideal potential, body, and behavior. You don’t reach your highest dreams, you fall to your lowest standards. The only way to become a new person, is to increase a higher standard and stick to it. We will repeat this process for the duration of the program.

Accountability + Coaching + Mentorship


Self- Accountability

• Tracking Scheduled commitments

• Logging Workouts, Sets, Reps In Apps

• Tracking Moods, Feelings, Soreness

Coach Accountability

• Accountability Calls - 1 Hour Long Accountability Call

• One on One Calls & Live Group Coaching Calls (Limited Avail.)

Community Accountability

• Posting Goals And Commitments In Public Group of Peers

• Posting Questions, Comments, and Feedback to Peers

• Posting to help less experienced Peers achieve results


In B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. we are all holding each other to a higher standard of commitment. No one lets anyone off the hook. People post their wins and challenges inside the program, when you participate you help yourself and others. When you are in this program in the B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. Elite Academy you are Clients who have INVESTED in a higher-end 5-STAR customized experience.

When you share your experience and results in the free BAYONIKS Wellness Warrior Facebook Community it is Win/Win/Win. It allows me to demonstrate how real results from my methods actually work in client's lives, it holds YOU up to following through on your commitments, promises, and maintaining your results amidst peers, and it INSPIRES new people in our community to participate and possibly even join my higher-level academy and achieve the results they deserve as well. One secret to achievement is being so focused that success IS the only option!

How To Collapse Timeframes And Accelerate Your Results?

Get Results In Advance!



Step by Step Action Taking YIELDS results NOT more information. Knowledge is POTENTIAL POWER…. ACTION IS POWER! When you visualize your results in advance, your brain doesn't know the difference, propelling you to renewed powerful action!

As a 20-year student of person-development, what makes this coaching different in terms of results is the focus of simple, direct, effective actions. Each action, each exercise, each set, each rep builds into a momentum of success that your body will respond to.

The reason most people do not get to a higher level in any area of life, is that they lack a consistent set of RIGHT actions to reach a certain outcome. In health and fitness, I have taken out as many of the variables of error possible and I’m providing you with a consistent, proven, reliable set of RIGHT actions to take with extraordinarily high standards of accountability.

The results you get will build your BELIEF in what’s possible and your POTENTIAL leading you to more of the new ACTIONS which will lead to more of the new RESULTS!

Within 12 - 24 Weeks you can radically change your life, your performance levels, and your experience of wellness in a long-term sustainable way. And you can truly say… I’ve made a…

Transformation From Within!

Assessments & Evaluation

Complete customized evaluation from day one.

Progamming Videos

Enjoy a wide variety of workouts customized to your needs.


Scheduled Check-ins

Easily block and plan time around your schedule.

Coaching Calls

Get the highest level of world-class mindset coaching.

Habit Tracking

Changes habits easily and effortlessly by precise tracking.

Result Tracking

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it, track progress.

Community & Accountability

Leverage your promises socially and multiply your commitment and grit to stick to it.

Guest Experts

Explore all B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. modalities through the lens of experts unique insights.

Resource Library

Get access to cutting-edge, information, curated, with the exact info you need for your goals.

Practical Skills & Tools

Learn the precise tools, techniques, and skills that move the needle the most in your health and fitness.


Create beneficial and empowering eating habits that fuel and energize you. Discover the mental and emotional patterns behind your nutrition decisions. Make food choices that taste good and are also good for you.


Rest & Recovery

Learn to harmonize rest, relaxation, sleep, and recovery into your routines properly. Many people over or under-exert themselves. Creating pathways to healing is essential for a sustainable health and wellness lifestyle for the long-term.


Transform your attitude and mindset toward rigorous exercise, and create new empowering exercise habits that are enjoyable and rewarding. Create flexible yet solid practices that keep your body young, vibrant, and strong.

The B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. Difference

Most health coaches can only guide you toward better choices, but ultimately you have to choose a plan of action for your workouts and a nutrition plan. With my 20 years of experience with personal development and 10 years of experience as a personal trainer, I can help you navigate both.

Not only was I doing wellness and health coaching, as a personal trainer I was also offering 5-Star Service in the most competitive and elite gyms in America, I also designed my own entire training methodology to improve my experience and that of my clients.

B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. ™ online coaching is a physical conditioning program, personal development blueprint, lifestyle design map, and self-defense system all rolled into one. It is a process of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical fitness conditioning which is a continuum flow of applied biomechanics, mental peak performance conditioning, visualization, affirmation, spoken incantation, nutritional health, and high standards of physical fitness. It recognizes that human beings seek the highest tranquil peace and stillness, yet prepares human beings for the most rigorous or chaotic physical challenges in everyday life, sport, or combat.

Once we have evaluated you with the Warrior Wheel of Well-Being, we have a clear map of your strengths and weaknesses. From this information, I will custom design your weekly training program using my “P.O.P.” Pyramid of Progression. Your basic exercises will be foundational Bodyweight strength exercises selected by areas that need the most improvement, and gradually we will include new habits, routines, disciplines, and activities from each phase up the chart that addresses an area we’ve evaluated, from the least refined movements to the most refined movements. This ensures that no stone is unturned in our quest to help you reach your highest potential.

With online coaching, I leverage my complete system, and software systems to focus solely on your results. This gets you to your goals easier and faster by giving you the tools and strategies and holding you highly accountable to following through on your promises to yourself.

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