Online Business: Be The Change You Want To See In The Marketplace

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What is so complicated about today’s online business? There is a vast array of options to get started with an online business these days. It's kind of like working out and fitness. Everywhere you look the world is just filled to the brim with opportunities ready for you to take advantage of. 

However, if we haven't taken control of focusing our attention, understanding our abilities, developing our best skills, and knowing where we fit in and what we are doing best, it’s going to be hard for us to stay focused long enough at any given task to make it worthwhile.

If there are things we can cut out, why not? If it helps us get to our results quicker, we must do it! Doing business in today's online world is a trippy ride, and very crazy!

Everywhere you look there are more and more products, services, and information, and even courses to teach you how to use the information that you already have.It reminds me of the fitness industry. Over the years, we always had all the information possible about exercising and eating well, or losing weight and gaining strength— but everyone was still struggling with it. 

It means that people had the information, but it wasn't enough for them to take action on it. It wasn't the information that started changing people's lives and getting them to take action.  Usually breakthroughs come from an emotion or passion or purpose.

Many people also went through a period of trying to automate everything and living the four hour work week. Like many, I was always enthralled by the ideas espoused in the 4 Hour Work week. At the same time, I was never oblivious to how hard Tim Ferriss was working to show us how to live the four hour work week. 

I even had the opportunity of meeting him one time in New York at a book signing I saw how many people were waiting to talk to him and that was a lot of work! That book signing alone probably was 4 hours of work that day! So, I knew that the four hour work week was a principle and an idea and I never thought about it as a way to escape work. 

Yeah, the idea has always been appealing and everybody has tried some aspect of it, since these ideas became popular around the end of 2008.

One thing that will never let you down, is building your skills. I knew that when I was a personal trainer no matter what I did I was building a skill that I could later package as a product online or I could use the experience I had marketing and selling to sell all the products and services. 

I also had an ongoing interest in music and writing at the time, but living in New York City was very challenging to juggle many different things at the same time—keep the bills paid.

When I met Tim Ferriss, he told me this quote, “Everything with a measurement and a goal.” Although I sent those books Tim signed to my cousin who ended up losing them somewhere in the shuffle while movin—I'll have to get him to sign another book for me someday.

 I always remember what he wrote there in that book. And I realize that no matter what, we have to be industrious. As leaders and entrepreneurs, we also have to be creating and innovating our own digital economy. It's not enough for us to just follow the patterns of event driven seminars and courses. 

There is a lot of soul-searching that goes into deciding what you want to sell online and what you actually want your whole career to be about. Be the change you want to see! I would say, for myself, one of the best decisions I ever made was just to keep writing no matter what. 

The more that I wrote, the more I developed skills as a writer and I was able to leverage those skills to market myself as a copywriter and continue writing high level copy. I was still writing as the pandemic started. Little did I know, twenty years ago, that it would serve me in a situation where governments would keep everybody locked down for months on end!

Being that I was here in Brasil the whole time, I was able to teach English, write freelance writing projects for other people, and continue to work on my own books and websites while still remaining valuable to the marketplace. I still function as a writing coach and I have a lot of valuable skills that I can offer people to help them grow their businesses, market and sell their products, and be more productive in their lives as well. 

To me, Being the change you want to see IS the four hour work week, because I'm still doing what I enjoy even though it's challenging at times. I'm still able to make a difference and do the best that I can while providing valuable products and services to society. So it's not always the latest shiny objects that can provide your success and income. Sometimes it’s who you are or who you’ve become!

Sometimes it's all about your own digital economy. I came to realize that perhaps it was my innate talents that were the “muse” and that any online business I did would take me to where I need to be but it would be after mastering my skills which could then be packaged as a scalable product. 

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