Truth vs. Falsehood

chaos ethics justice morality order peace truth universe Jan 03, 2022

In his book Truth vs. Falsehood, David Hawkins makes a very real point, that Truth is not so difficult to ascertain. However, to really discover and understand Truth requires that we tap into deeper aspects of ourselves. 

Imagine, on a more fundamental level, is there anything more Truthful than a human soul? Furthermore, is there anything more Truthful than knowing and having an intimate relationship with your own soul? 

This means if we were to take away all five of your senses, would your Soul be familiar to you? For many people, they have completely lost connection with their soul. As a result, they have lost connection with the Truth. 

It’s like in the animated film SOUL, when the pianist and the other Soul are exploring and they end up in the land of the lost souls. 

The lost souls are covered up in black dust. The souls are there but they are very dim, they are not emanating inwardly and outwardly. 

A Digital Age Sage is an individual who can navigate the coming complexities of our world extremely aligned with Truth, Justice, Freedom, and Liberty. 

If we increase our ability to filter out falsehood from our lives, how much easier would our lives be? 

The devil is certainly in the details. Confusion is a chaotic experience. Often people have been confused on topics because they don’t want to put certain pieces of the puzzle confronting them together. 

Order is exactly what you order. What are you focusing on? What do you want? What are you paying attention to?

In some cases, some people like the drama of remaining confused, as it helps one to avoid the Truth about their own life and shift responsibility to others. 

Are we even attempting to find the Truth? 

For some, the Truth, peace of mind, and absolute bliss are boring. To each his own.

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