Working From Home In The Digital Age

employment habits jobs lonliness productivity work from home Jan 02, 2022

One of the biggest shifts in our reality since 2020 is working from home. It sounded so great in the beginning, and perhaps it was fun for a lot of people for a couple of months. 

However, as time went on, we saw there would be no returning to any old normal, the new normal.

Now that many of us have accepted working from home as a way of life, it's even more essential for us to grab a hold of our mental psychology and our productivity and focus. 

If there is any reason why I wrote Digital Age Sage: Living A Divine Life In Digital Chaos, it's because I've seen the deterioration in my own focus in the last two years. 

It has been a messy struggle to remain focused, while at the same time attempting to understand what's going on in society, and keeping up with the whole world.  

I know firsthand that it has not been easy. I also know there's people who were not fortunate enough to be able to work from home through that whole last two years.

Nobody has had it easy, but what we have to do is just reassess the pros and cons of everything that we're doing. Once we understand the positives and negatives of any situation, we can adjust ourselves to it and make the most of it. 

Of course working from home is what most people would love to do, but a lot of people don't realize how important structure is to daily habits and productivity. Whether you have a family or you are a single individual working from home, the program presents all kinds of unique challenges that many of us never anticipated before.

One of the main challenges that I've seen since 2020, was the idea of waking up and losing boundaries of space, because you don't have to go to another place to start a new activity. So when I was teaching English before, I would go out and meet people in person and give the class. 

But now as soon as I finish writing all I do is flip on my zoom chat and I end up going straight from writing or doing another project online to teaching an English class via video online. 

In the beginning, it's convenient, but when we start losing boundaries we don't have a separation between everything that we're doing. As a result, the low-grade anxiety and fatigue creep in and you start feeling tired and burned out. 

Also depending on your position of how you're sitting, standing or laying down with your computer or laptop or phone, it can affect your emotions and the way that you're producing output and work. There were some moments where I wanted to work harder, but I couldn't work harder because I would be basically focusing my eyes on the same computer screen for longer periods of time.

Other issues that I found incredibly challenging are that the reward centers of doing work and then going to relax and play were cut off. Because even if I did finish all my work and I was making plenty of money, there was nowhere really to go at certain times when nothing was open. 

Also, if travel has been suspended in many cities, we are going through the same thing in every city. For many people working from home a lot of this leads to a feeling of learned helplessness where you're not benefiting whether you work hard or not. Or whether you work smarter or not.

For me working from home I've basically done my best to create boundaries for myself and separate some of the different activities that I can do online. I always work out and exercise and eat well. 

And for a period of time I would take a moment to step away and go do something else completely different from the computer to relieve my brain so that I could still be productive and conduct business. Nevertheless, in today's world being more and more mobile is a strong utility that we can use to enhance our quality of life. 

All we need to do is to improve how we view working from home, and allow ourselves a chance to re-imagine what productive work is for us as it relates to our family and everyone around us as well.

There are some good books out there right now like Slower and Rest that talk about how successful businesses and individuals over time, are usually individuals who appreciate rest and relaxation as much as they do working hard. 

This is to me one of the best philosophies to embrace about working from home. Because you're easily able to shift back into the relaxation and shift back into the creativity and effort of whatever the work that you're doing. 

If you are designing something, if you're writing something, if you're creating business accounting software, if you're coding, and doing all kinds of work activity, when you're working from home it's easier to dress in comfortable clothes and then if you want to go outside and get a walk around the block or walk your dog or to take a nap for 20 minutes it's much easier to do that then it would have been in the office space for this reason working for home offers us the opportunity that many of us have always longfore to not be crammed into an office space cubicle and have to wrestle with rat race traffic all day long.

If you started back at the office, after the pandemic and lockdown and you consider yourself to be in the rat race now that you had a chance to work from home for a couple of years you might be saying that the advantages to working from home outweigh the disadvantages. Some workplaces have worked on being more friendlier workplaces and also offering wellness packages and having office spaces that are comfortable and fun. 

Either way the key for you as a digital age sage entrepreneur is to decide what are your ideal values for working and to align yourself with a work environment company or home environment that allows you to express your values of exactly how you want to work. Life can be short and life can be long. 

No matter what we do we wanna make sure that we are aligning our efforts for work to be a type of work that gives us something in return for the work that we're doing more than just a paycheck. We talked about robots potentially taking jobs. If you're working in a way that you can control your work environment, then there's a lesser chance that you're working in a way that will leave you susceptible to being replaced by robots.

We may have more and more smart devices in our homes, like smart TVs and the Internet of things that ultimately might help us work better while we are in a home environment or working from a home office so as we move forward with these technologies, it's important to think about what our values are and how productive we want to be and how often we really do need to work.

We may not all be able to get to a four hour work week working from home, but if we can get to 4 to 5 hour days, with the rest of our time being spent on leisure activities and interacting with people on a social level that's helpful and harmonious, then I think that would just be as rewarding. Also, I think there's a lot of people who know that if they were only to lounge around all day during work, they might lose a sense of purpose and work from home with the child because your ego and your identity change. 

For example I never was a person dressing up in a suit every day to go to work, but I imagine that someone who is doing that associates a certain feeling in a certain identity with wearing those clothing. And if their clothing doesn't— if they're not able to keep wearing that clothing— they may feel that they are losing a sense of themselves or in the sense of their identity. They don't have the same environment where the clothing will bring the responses and emotional reactions that make them happy and fulfilled as a businessman or executive.

It's all about soul-searching. We all have to look within ourselves and find out how we want to live our lives, and do the best we can to design our lives in the vision that we have for the life that we want to live. If you're working in the work that makes it comfortable for you to work from home, realize that it is a blessing in an opportunity and do your best with your time. Don't just waste your time if you have the fortune of being able to work from home. 

If you are someone who is working in an office, factory, or industrial environment, make the most of your time there while you can and realize that working from home is not the solution for everything, but it might offer you a little more peace of mind to pursue what you really want to do. 

So, while you're working in jobs that you feel are robotic, mechanical,  or a part of the rat race, begin thinking of what you can do as a higher purpose for your life because even when you do start working from home, you'll be fired up and ready to go no matter what! As they say, “Sometimes when we lose our job, we find our purpose!” Maybe your purpose is for you to be at home with your family and create the life envision that you want to live.

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